The inspiration and symbolism behind “Diver UP” refer to the Age of Aquarius, where metamorphosis and spiritual awakening lie in the air. The combination of an industrial helmet juxtaposed against the feminine form in its purest state highlight the contrast of man-made versus Mother Earth. The motif shows the Goddess freeing herself of the controlling force that has been imposed on her, a metaphor for society, history and mankind. The intention of “Diver UP” is to open up a conversation about a new world of equality and, within that, the divine feminine goddess celebrating womankind and mankind in unison. A beautiful new world that invites/allows/accepts/celebrates everyone for their individuality as part of the NOW.

I created the Original image of Diver UP on the magical Isle of Ibiza, in 2005. The connection between Ibiza and Burning Man is a very beautiful and spiritual one. Both with their own cacophony of pirates, merrymakers, hippies, and all other sorts of funny little earthly beings.

With deep appreciation,

Victor Spinelli :)

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Original Photo of Diver UP. © Victor Spinelli 2005

Original Photo of Diver UP. © Victor Spinelli 2005